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Not everyone has the opportunity to travel the world in search of the perfect pastries, so Amna wanted to bring them to Saudi Arabia. There is so much more to international pastries than what meets the local eye. A world of flavours and textures that can be created by using high quality ingredients and different baking methods, and we are so excited to share them with you!

About Amna

A cake 25 years in the making.

Inspired by her late grandfather—a chef by training who loved to cook—Amna found her passion for baking as a little girl. Ever since the age of seven, she’s been dreaming of opening a global bakery chain. A dream which is now becoming reality.

The dream didn’t come true overnight though—Amna studied hospitality management in Switzerland (2007-2010), attended pastry school in Paris (2012-2013) and business school in Barcelona (2017-2019). She also worked in restaurants throughout.

While the bakery is named after Amna, she chose the name for what it stands for—trust. A trustworthy brand with an honest and open approach to baking, using only the best ingredients and techniques from around the world.

A Few of Our Favourite Things

A one-stop-shop for the best international pastries.

When she created Amna Bakery, she was adamant that she’d create the best international pastries in town—all in one place—Infused with international flavours from around the world.

Our Approach

Ensuring quality and scalability.

Amna’s experience working in professional kitchens around the world made her realize that she’d never want to run a bakery out of her home kitchen. Besides, she wanted to create a scalable business, founded on solid business principles.

To make it happen, she adopted the cloud kitchen model; the most innovative way to launch a start-up in the food & beverage industry, enabling her to grow the business quickly and efficiently whilst always keeping quality a top priority.

A cloud kitchen is a licensed, state-of-the-art commercial industrial kitchen that is used to create high-quality handmade pastries. All our pastries are made fresh daily. We pride ourselves in ensuring cakes go straight from our ovens to customers. We also supply local businesses, such as restaurants and coffee shops, with fresh cakes on a daily basis.

You can order our pastries through one of our delivery partners' platforms.

Quality Over Quantity

Developing the perfect recipes.

Having started as a cloud kitchen means we don’t have big overheads. In turn, it means we have the luxury of taking our time to introduce new menu items. That’s why you will find our initial offering to be small—we have opted to launch one pastry at a time. Doing so, gives us the time to perfect each new recipe down to the last crumb.

Female Empowerment

Empowering women, one pastry at a time.

While we have chosen to start small, our aim is to grow big. As we grow, an important part of our journey will be to hire and train local women in the art of baking and scalable business management.

Our Guiding Principles

We realise that we've set out on a long and lifelong journey, but nothing makes us happier! To help us along the way, we have set four pillars to guide our every step.


Respect, honesty and fairness are our guiding lights. We believe in being honest with customers and stakeholders alike; treating ourselves and those around us with fairness and respect.


We are real people, baking real cakes, using real (natural) ingredients and we like to be real with people about who we are and what we do. We believe that’s the only way to build lasting connections with our customers.

Spirit of Service

While we serve international cakes, our spirit of service was born right here in Jeddah. We believe Saudi Arabia is an incredibly service oriented nation. That’s something we’re thankful to have learned from and would like to pay it forward to all our customers.


We believe in doing things right, down to the smallest detail. To achieve that, we are driven by focus, growing naturally with passion and hard work.

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